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Teaching Children How to Learn Grace and Courtesy the Montessori Way

Teaching Children How to Learn Grace and Courtesy the Montessori Way

Grace and courtesy, two attributes that some might say are sadly lacking in today’s chaotic world. And arguably so. As parents, grandparents and caregivers, it is our responsibility to ensure that children are taught how to be graceful and courteous to others. Teaching these characteristics affords the added benefits of learning kindness, friendliness, acceptance, and respect for one another.

Below are three ways of showing children practical daily uses that instill grace and courtesy into everyday actions.

Teaching The Practice of Greeting a Person

Have the child introduce themself to you or another person. You might even have the child tell a couple of things of interest about themself. Do this repetitively enough times so that the child remembers how to properly greet someone. Remember that each child is different and one may learn more quickly or more slowly than another.

Saying Thank You

Teach children that when someone gives us something or does something nice for us, we say “thank you”. Start by practicing saying thank you to them. In return when you give them something….anything, they should say “thank you” to you. Tell the children that this is how we say “thank you” to someone. Tell children that they can now say thank you when someone gives them something or does something nice for them. And remind them that they can always set an example by being courteous even if others might not be.

The Use of “Excuse Me”

Start teaching children to say “excuse me” by showing them that when you need to go someplace and someone is in your way, we say: “excuse me”. Practice by possibly standing in their way which will require them to say “excuse me”, “pardon me”, to get through along their path. This should be done in a non-aggressive manner, so as not to frighten the child. It won’t be long and this virtue will become second nature to the child.

Putting forth the effort to specifically teach these values to our children will come with the lifetime knowledge and habitude of being gracious to one another. At Five Star Montessori our staff strives daily to work with all our children on the path to becoming giving, kind, accepting adults, making a positive footprint on this world. We invite you and your family to come in to tour the school and see the different programs we offer – infant through Kindergarten, including before and after school care.

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