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What is a Montessori School

The Absorbent Mind

There are many who hold, as I do, that the most important period of life is the period from birth to age six. That is the time when man’s intelligence, his greatest implement is being formed. – Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was the first female medical doctor in Italy 1895. She studied pediatrics and psychology She developed the Montessori method of teaching, which is a method of educating young children that stresses development of a child’s own initiative and natural abilities, especially through practical play. This method allows children to develop at their own pace and provided educators with a better understanding of child development. Children deal with abstract concepts based on their newly developed powers of reasoning, imagination, and creativity.

Montessori Program

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We Are Open!

We are open and continue to comply with CDC recommendations of small group sizes, enhanced cleaning and single classroom staff assignments.  Tours available via Facetime or Duo.