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Enrollment 2022-2023

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  • Enrollment 2019 – 2020

  • (actual start date)
  • Mother

  • Father

  • * Cell phone carrier needed because our system converts email to text for emergency notification
  • Please list the names and telephone numbers of other persons to whom we may contact in case of emergency and to whom your child may be released. (State law requires that we have this information on file.)

  • Emergency contacts may designate other persons to pick up my child.
  • I agree to pay the current rate of tuition in advance on the first of each month, whether I receive a statement or not, plus an additional fee if I choose the school lunch option. A $5 late fee is added each day after the 5 th of the month. I understand there will be no tuition deductions for holidays, illnesses, vacations, or other reasons.

  • I release the school, its directors and staff from any liability for injuries, accidents or illnesses occurring while attending a school program. I authorize the school to provide transportation for my child for all school activities when applicable and give my permission for my child to participate in water activities when under school supervision. I give permission for pictures and videos to be taken of my child and for them to be posted on the school’s website and/or social media.

  • Monday thru Friday

  • or Part Time - M T W T F (circle days of program)