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What Makes Five Star Unique

We cater to working parents and parents with a busy lifestyle

The School closes only on the major holidays that most Major Companies observe.

Five Star offers part time and short day classes (although most of our students are full time!). Our classes provide a quality environment and a variety of activities throughout the day. We like happy children. You can feel confident that we take good care of your children when you are not there.

We do those small extras to make your life easier, such as providing and laundering nap items so that you don’t have to.

Five Star has accredited Teachers with Low Ratios

We are the only Montessori School in the area that has an Infant Program.

Infants through Kindergarten – our school’s goal is to build a strong foundation for tomorrow.

Infants and Toddlers prosper in or nurturing and loving environment. They learn to be independent with confidence.

Preprimary (3-6 year olds) children are given guidance and the opportunity to excel in academics. Each child may learn at his or her own pace. When a child has mastered a lesson they can move to the next lesson. The curriculum in the classroom does not limit the child; each may work ahead as far as their abilities will take them.

Kindergarten year at Five Star is very important. We are preparing the child for their elementary years. Whether they continue with Montessori, go to a public school, or move on to a private academy they will have acquired the self-discipline and love for learning that will help them succeed.

We continue our Montessori Program during the summer

We have special events and more relaxed schedule during the summer, however we feel it is also important to proceed with academic learning. Young children can often forget letter sounds, mathematical concepts, etc. during an absence of several months.

Consistency and repetition is very important to the young child and their mastery of reading and other skills.

We prepare hot lunches in our own kitchen

Parents can pack a lunch or pay an extra fee for our kid tested, nutritious hot lunches.

We do not require uniforms

We feel that young children should be able to express their individuality.

Our children are individuals. There is really no compelling reason for young children to wear a uniform, and we feel that parents should not have to incur this expense.