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5 Tips for Potty Learning the Montessori Way

potty learning
5 Tips for Potty Learning the Montessori Way

Potty Learning. When parents hear these words, it may sound similar to fingernail scratches on a chalkboard. But, just know it doesn’t have to be this cringe worthy. Potty learning or potty training can actually be an enjoyable experience for both parent and child when done the Montessori way.

Start Sooner Than Later

First and foremost, potty learning shouldn’t be a rushed process. Each child is different. Often times toddlers start showing interest around 18-24 months. Look for signs that your child is ready to start using the potty. These signs are: pulling at a dirty diaper, hiding when they go pee or poop, showing interest in others’ use of the potty and awaking dry from a nap.

Allow Independence

Once your child shows that he is interested in the potty, the restroom should be set up to allow for as much independence as possible. This can include – keeping the portable potty chair in the bathroom at all times. This creates consistency, so your child knows where to go potty, each time. You can also set up a laundry station. Include a hamper for dirty/wet clothes and a hamper that has clean clothes. This gives your child responsibility and allows him involvement in the process.

Create a Schedule

Create a schedule for potty learning. Have your child sit on the potty first thing when he wakes up in the morning, after meals, before and after nap time, before getting in the car and before bedtime. It is good to also remind him every 30 minutes – 1 hour to use the potty. This will help him learn the cues that his body gives when needing to use the restroom. If your child attends a child-care facility share your routine with his teacher as consistency is key.


Give your child praise each time he tells you he has to use the potty. Also, give your child praise every time he uses to potty, and even if he tries but to no avail. Expect him to make mistakes. This is new and remember he is learning. Don’t get angry and don’t give up if he has an accident. Be supportive and continue on the schedule.

Listen to Your Child

The most important of all of these is to truly listen to your child. If your child regresses, it’s OK. Back off for a few days and try again. After a few days of successful potty learning, transition your child in to big boy (or big girl) underwear. Stay with a consistent schedule to help prevent accidents. Don’t forget accidents may still occur and that’s OK. And last but certainly not least, celebrate this BIG win!

At Five Star Montessori we are dedicated to the success of your child. Our teachers work closely with parents whose students are ready to potty train. We have two convenient locations to serve your family best, one in West Houston and one in Katy. Stop by for a school tour or contact us should you have any questions.

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